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In August 2007, the Bethel Scholarship Fund was established by a group of American Christians. The goal was to provide funds to qualified Christian Romanian youth who would not have the financial means to pursue a higher education. The funds go to a Romanian education. Students from both the Home of Hope and Bethel Home are eligible for the Bethel Scholarship.

Education in AmericaThe applicants must demonstrate scholastic achievement, have been active in their church’s youth program and have shown a deep faith in Christ. The Scholarship Review Board consists of three Romanians and two Americans who select the recipients from submitted applications. These young people from the children’s homes and churches that are in partnership with The Evergreen Foundation are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

The scholarship funds are sufficient to cover tuition, housing and food at a Romanian university with the potential of the scholarship increasing with above average grades. The scholarship ranges from $700 – $1,200 per semester. A recipient can receive the Bethel Scholarship until they graduate as long as they are full time students and achieve the minimum grade point average.

Each semester, the Scholarship Recipient must provide proof of academic achievement to the Scholarship Review Board to receive funding for the next semester. Depending on circumstances, the students may be educated in Romania or America.