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The Evergreen Foundation provides families to Romanian orphans in a group home setting. We support the operations of two facilities in southeast Romania. At any given time, approximately fifty children are cared for.

The Home of Hope The Bethel Home

Jerry and Kendrick, with the guidance of their Romanian partners, instinctively knew that the best avenue for reaching these children for Christ was through a family structure. Each child lives with house parents; the people within their environment become their permanent family.

Unfortunately, children in Romania often see a model of abandonment when a family encounters problems. One of the first lessons a child learns is that he STAYS within the home no matter what. Thus, a national paradigm of family fragmentation and abandonment is changing in Romania through the Evergreen Romanian Children’s Homes.

EV BH12 Family in Kitchen 3The children and the parents are supported by a staff involved with the family’s daily needs. Younger children help with household duties when it is age appropriate so that they learn responsibility. Older children assist the smaller ones with chores, studying and play activities. Many loving hearts and caring hands create emotional security and a sense of belonging that begins the healing process.

In agreement with the Romanian Department of Protective Custody, the children in our homes are not available for adoption; rather they know that this is their permanent family. Our homes can often accommodate siblings which might be separated by government social agencies. Great families provide love, a place to belong, security, encouragement, education, and as many tools to thrive in life as the family is able to provide. We invite you to help provide families for children whose joy, potential and rescued lives are amazing rewards for those of us who serve them.

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