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EV HH Jerry with 2 BoysSpring 2012

Greetings to the Partners of the Romanian children’s homes:

Kendrick and I arrived in Romania this winter to some very deep snow and some very cold temperatures.  For me, this trip was one of contrasts.

The Romanian economy continues to falter but the Bethel Home and Home of Hope children’s homes are on good financial footing, thanks to your support.  What a testimony of God’s provision!

Due to frigid winter temperatures, the Danube River and the Black Sea are frozen from shore to shore. While adults struggled with these conditions, the children were out of school and, in contrast, enjoyed the snow and cold as only children can.

Yet another contrast: as a result of the extreme cold and struggling economy, many places cannot afford heat – even the churches are cold.  But, the children’s homes are warm and cozy.

EV HH Children in Snowy ParkOne of my favorite Bible verses is 1 Timothy 1:12. Paraphrased, Paul says how thankful he is that he, a sinner, could be chosen by Christ and considered trustworthy to be used to serve Him.

There is one time during this trip that stands out for me and also highlights contrasts.  The first evening at Bethel Home, the youngest children asked me to play with them after supper.  When I went up, they were engrossed in their own play, so I was drawn into a very personal and emotional conversation with the older children.  Their English is so remarkable and with my faltering Romanian, somehow we communicated.

They told me how they felt being orphans and abandoned by their biological families.  They talked about the hurt of those times.  Then, they contrasted how they loved and enjoyed their Bethel Home family.

EV HH Jerry with GirlEven as I share the evening with you now, my eyes are brimming with tears and I feel the thankfulness of what Paul says in 1 Timothy 1:12.

How thankful I am that God will allow me to be a part of the Bethel Home as a grandfather to these children!  That night ranks as one of the most satisfying of my life.

God is good and good all the time!  Thank God for the privilege of serving Him in Romania.

Like grace, it is undeserved.

Love in Christ,

Jerry McCandless, President, The Evergreen Foundation